Winter Café Course Offerings 2013/2014

Anger Management
This class will help you to identify, understand and respond to and ultimately coping with the rage and hostile feelings within. This class will teach and explore stress management techniques, effective communication skills and how to increase emotional intelligence.  You will learn tools on how to handle your anger as well as allies to help you deal with the pressures of life through group discussion and practice

Health and Wellness
The health and wellness program was designed by the participant for the participant. Each week a topic such as diabetes, high blood pressure, anxiety, stress, weight management, exercise, depression and cancer are among some of the topics the participants wanted to know more about. There are workshops, small groups discussion where the participant is engaged in becoming educated on how to deal with these health issues. The classes are to develop the whole man and provide preventative measures so the participant has resources and referral that will allow the participant to stays informed and healthy.

Drug Education
The substance abuse class takes the traditional 12 step model for struggling with drugs addictions and alcoholism. The day or night faith based non- traditional treatment program is highly structured, and is ideal for those individuals who are resistant to treatment or have a history of relapse. Participants have ample opportunity to apply new life skills that they have learned. The participant has a focused and individualized treatment plan that fully enhances the rehabilitation process. There will be group sessions, individual counseling, and addiction education and relapse prevention.Our goal is a successful recovery from addiction, and a return to a positive healthy life style.

Employment Readiness
This class will prepare the participant with techniques, skills, proper attitude, class participation, resume building, mock interviews, job search engines, job posting, job reporting, job leads and job contacts.

Experience strength and hope