Spring and Summer Classes

Anger Management
This class will help you to identify, understand and respond to and ultimately coping with the rage and hostile feelings within. This six week class will teach and explore stress management techniques, effective communication skills and how to increase emotional intelligence.  You will learn tools on how to handle your anger as well as allies to help you deal with the pressures of life through group discussion and practice.

Understanding Abuse and Relapse Prevention
This twelve (12) week class is designed to help the recovering addict avoid relapsing back into prior drug or alcohol abusing behaviors. Skills such as coping to avoid relapse, how to avoid allowing single lapse to become a full fledged relapse and empowerment of the recovering person through acquired confidence that he is capable of remaining drug and alcohol free. Topics such as management of irrational thoughts “stinkin thinkin” unmanageable feelings, self destructive urges, self-defeating behaviors, stages of recovery,  stabilization, warning signs and a management recovery plan.

Health & Wellness
Guest speakers from the various hospitals and health professions will come once a month to talk about the various health issues and concerns that you requested through the health and wellness survey. Hypertension, Diabetes, HIV, AIDS, Heart Disease, Cancer, Smoking, Obesity and Dieting, Nutrition, Exercise and it effect on your health, Yoga, Stress, STD.

Healthy Relationship
This six (6) week class will explore the skills and techniques that are needed to develop a healthy relationship with our spouse, children, co-workers, and friends. Healthy relationships bring happiness and health to our lives. There will be group discussion, small group work, journal writing and role playing that will explore how to make people happier, ease stress, take care of self, share and talk more, and use fair fighting techniques. Rebuilding relationships that were destroyed through destructive behaviors and practices.

This class will focus on the Twelve (12) week steps stressing the importance of putting into practice new beliefs, fellowships and practices. Would you like to deepen or repair your relationship with your “higher power”? Are you having a problem knowing and trusting or surrendering to your “higher power”? Find solutions during these six weeks through talks, prayer, meditations practices and writing exercises.

The client will be taught how to develop an e-mail address, how to search the various job engines, how to write a cover letter and resume for the particular job you are applying for. How to apply online for a job and answer the psychological questions.

Experience strength and hope